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We are the only store in Bangalore with a fully equipped Workshop with well trained & experienced staff to cater to any kind of major repair of any musical Instrument. We do major repairs of Pianos that include Overhauling of action, Regulating & Tuning. We are the only company in Bangalore who can re-make a Pin Block, Bridge, Sound Board, strings etc. for a Piano.
Apart from Pianos, we also restore & service Guitars Acoustic & Electric, Electronic Keyboards, amplifiers, Audio Mixers, Microphones, Violins, Cellos, Double Bass, Drum sets, Wind Instruments, school Band Instruments etc.
We are into rental of all musical instruments for live concerts, film shooting etc. We rent out Grand & Upright Pianos, Drum sets, Guitars, Violins, Cellos, Double Bass, Keyboards, Congo’s, Tabla, Harp and wind Instruments.
Our main clients are most of the Software Companies, Schools and Colleges, Advertisement Agencies and the Film Industry.
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