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Used Pianos
We deal with used RE-FURBESHED Japanese and Korean Pianos which are Re-Furbished in factories abroad and then imported into India at half the price of a new Piano. The Re-furbished Japanese pianos are the famous Yamaha, Kawai, Atlas, and Diapason Etc. And the Korean Pianos are Samick Young Chang and Hyundai.
Piano Tuning :
We have been Tuning Pianos since 1940. In the year 1994 Joseph Lewis started to tune Pianos and he has been personally for a Piano Tuning Course to the Yamaha Piano Factory in Indonesia and a part from the course we Imported the most latest Piano Tuning Machine made in the US and also purchased the world’s best Piano tuning Software which is loaded on to an Apple IPod that we carry around for tuning Pianos for Accuracy .
We tune Pianos Upright and Grand for Live Concerts, Music Schools and Private Homes having Pianos, Schools, Colleges and Churches
We also specialize in Un-Packing and Un Locking and setting up of Grand and Up-right Pianos that come in from overseas the same we lock and dismantle Upright and Grand Pianos that have to be Packed before Shipping out of India.
For Enquiry and Appointments
Please Contact: Joseph Lewis on: 9845049510
Email: lewiskor@gmail.com
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